Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mesa Arizona Karate Students Learn Many Martial Arts Weapons

It has been tradition in Okinawa martial arts for more than five centuries to teach kobudo with karate. By learning weapons and karate as one martial art, a person is better prepared in self defense situations. It became a tradition on Okinawa after King Shoshin outlawed bladed weapons in 1480 AD for fear of an uprising. As a result, Okinawan peasants began training with their tools of trade as weapons. A fisherman learned to use fish hooks, gutting tools, paddles, ropes for self-defense and farmers learned to use poles, hoes, shovels, sickles and other tools for self-defense. This can also be applied to Arizona.

This same form of Karate and Kobudo are taught at the Arizona Hombu martial arts school in Mesa, Arizona.

Grandmaster Hausel poses with kama (sickles) at the Arizona Hombu Karate & Kobudo Dojo in Mesa, Arizona.
When one learns to use the ancient Okinawan weapons, they are also introduced to everyday tools such as belts, car keys, coins, towels, magazines, cell phones, rocks, hammers, water bottles and other tools found around the workplace, home or restaurant. It makes a person better prepared in case they end up in a situation where they need to defend against more than one person, or an armed individual.

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