Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Martial Arts Weapons Classes in Mesa, Arizona are Best of Mesa

Best of Mesa Award - 2 years in row!
When the Arizona Hombu opened in 2006 in Mesa Arizona, we were hoping we could continue with an excellent martial arts program, such as the one at the University of Wyoming - where the UW club was recognized as the top Juko Kai International - affiliated school in 1999.

And we did - our school was awarded "BEST OF MESA" in 2013 and in 2014.

And unlike the Taekwondo school down the road on McQueen and the Mixed Martial Arts school on Arizona, we are still here. May of those students are now stuck paying for contracts without any school. At the Arizona Hombu, there are no contracts and our instructor has decades of experience with a lifetime of commitment to martial arts. Grandmaster (Soke) Hausel has been teaching martial arts for more than 4 decades and has been awarded the four highest honors in martial arts. 

As the sun sets over many nearby martial arts schools and many students are stuck paying for contracts for defunct schools, the Arizona Hombu is still going strong.

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